Video Clips

Clips of the LED lights and dynamic indicators in action on Saloon and Avant.

A6 Avant Rear LED Lighting

 Complete with Light bar, (DRL) and Dynamic LED Indicators.

A6 Saloon

Original lights replaced with LED dynamic indicators and rear light bar.

LED Indicators

Combined front and rear view of Dynamic LED Indicators in action on the Audi A6 4F.

Dynamic LED Indicators

A6 C6 Avant fitted with updated dynamic LED Indicators.

A6 C6 Saloon LED Dynamic Lights

Modern LED rear lights for Audi A6 C6 Saloon, complete with light-bar and dynamic indicators.

A6 Saloon Mirror Indicators in action

Saloon fitted with new LED Dynamic mirror indicators fitted.

How to Fit Dynamic Mirror Indicators

Replace your standard mirror indicators with LED Dynamic indicators in under 30 minutes.